7 Dispensaries To Visit In Humboldt County

Some of our go-to spots in weed mecca.

Plant Humboldt Nursery – Briceland by Point Bay Cannabis

When you’re in a place that is known for its outstanding cannabis, it’s natural to want to try some. Along the backroads and deep in the sticks some of the finest greenery is grown by legacy farmers who have been doing this longer than I’ve been alive. 

When you come through Humboldt it’s easy to notice how cannabis is infused with the culture. As an example, after you visit the first dispensary on our list, take Briceland Road from Redway and follow it for about 20 minutes until you get to Plant Humboldt. An amazing open-air nursery where they offer free tours. You can even purchase your own clones to take home with you! Click here for more info on Plant Humboldt.

 We will be following the 101 from south to north on this journey, so if you’re coming from the other way you should start at the bottom and work your way up!

Country Club Cannabis – Redway


Good Vibes Only by Point Bay Cannabis

As you weave your way up the 101 past Garberville you’ll want to exit on Redwood Drive toward Redway to visit Country Club Cannabis. You’ll be able to see what a true small Humboldt Town full of friendly farmers looks like before you buy some quality cannabis. 

Strap in because our next stop is almost an hour north in Eureka! 

3525 Redwood Dr, Redway, CA

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HPRC – Eureka

HPRC Storefront by HPRC

In the heart of Old Town Eureka, which is absolutely worth a stroll through, you can find the Humboldt Patient Resource Center. They also have a dispensary in Arcata but their Eureka location is worth a look-see. It was converted from an old bank so it’s pretty big and on top of that the products and staff are absolutely wonderful! 

445 4th St, Eureka, CA

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Humboldt Herb And Market – Arcata

Connection by Point Bay Cannabis 

There is always something going on at Herb and Market in south Arcata at one of the larger dispensaries in Humboldt. From customer appreciation days to the annual Grateful Gathering, you’re bound to find some fun at this location. Even if it’s just checking out the island case in the middle of the store with a ton of flower products on display! They even have Grandma Baker’s products as well as Lunchbox Alchemy Gummies here!

427 H St, Arcata, CA

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Heart Of Humboldt – Arcata

Weed Is Good! by Point Bay Cannabis 

Only a few blocks north at 601 I st lies The Heart Of Humboldt, a true community store. With a welcoming staff and a wonderful selection of local products, you can’t miss this location. The retro-style decor mixed with a modern twist makes this store very unique! Be sure to check out their edible section, you can find Grandma Baker’s products as well as Lunchbox Alchemy Gummies here!

601 I St # B, Arcata, CA

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Pacific Paradise – Arcata

Pacific Paradise by Point Bay Cannabis

Closer to the Arcata Plaza you’ll find Pacific Paradise. This dispensary has one of the richest and longest-running histories in Humboldt. Opened as a headshop over 40 years ago, it’s one of the oldest local joints on the block. It’s been in the same family all that time and that’s evident when you peruse their products. Rest assured, at this location you’ll be getting great weed at a great price! 

1087 H St, Arcata, CA

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The Fireplace – Arcata

1041 by The Fireplace

Keep heading north and you’ll find The Fireplace. If quality without compromises is what you’re after, this farmer-owned and operated dispensary should be on your radar. At this point, you’ve likely seen a ton of awesome brands but you’re bound to find a few new ones at this location. Who doesn’t love the warmth from a good fireplace? 

1041 F St, Arcata, CA

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The Ganjery – Mckinleyville

Walk-Up Window by The Ganjery

The furthest north we are going on this list is The Ganjery in Mckinleyville. You can find the world’s largest totem pole here as well as a ton of cool hiking trails. Be sure to stop at The Ganjery to stock up because as you head further north from here you’re going to be greeted with amazing beaches and forests. The convenience of the walk-up window at this location means that even if you’re anxious to explore the rest of Humboldt, you’ll be in and out in a jiff. 

1580 Nursery Way suite c, McKinleyville, CA

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627 Summer Street, Eureka Ca, 95501


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