7 Reasons Edibles Are A Great Way To Consume Cannabis

It turns out “If you don’t cough you don’t get off” isn’t entirely accurate.

Infused Gummies Being Removed From Mold by Point Bay Cannabis 

Edibles are food items. Therefore, they have accurate labeling showing all the ingredients and most importantly, their dosage. Most edibles even come with serving recommendations that typically cater to newer users. That being said, always start with a low dose if you’re just getting started with edibles.  


There Is No Residual Odor or Clean-up 

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Assuming you’re using packaged edibles and not making your own edibles, there’s far less mess and hassle. No grinding. No rolling. No ashes. No kissing the fish. No resin build-up on your lips.

You just eat a gummy. Simple and sweet (or sour if it’s a Tango!). 

There Is No Smoke

Puff, Puff, Pass by Point Bay Cannabis

We’ve all been there, walking into the building feeling like everyone is staring at you because you absolutely reek of weed. While we find the scent to be pleasant, others may not. 

Additionally, edibles have been shown the help chronic nausea and stomach pain where smoking may actually make these conditions worse.  

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada), found that stimulating the endocannabinoid system was incredibly effective in regulating nausea and vomiting — even in response to chemotherapy.

Some sufferers of these conditions have said that inhaling any smoke can worsen their symptoms, making edibles the better alternative. 


 You Avoid Damaging Your Lungs

Happy Trees by Point Bay Cannabis

You may be surprised to learn that inhaling hot smoke into your lungs is not the healthiest thing. While The benefits of cannabinoids are vast, inhaling any combusted substance is still damaging. 

Cannabis smokers tend to inhale more deeply into their lungs (and hold it there). As a result, they wind up with four times as much tar as people who smoke cigarettes.

Yeah, burning cannabis flowers creates tar — in your lungs. 

However, when eating cannabis, you won’t introduce any harmful carcinogens into your lungs. You know, because it’s not on fire. 

Don’t let that stop you from blazing the herbal essence though! Like all things, moderation is key. 

There Is A Wide Variety Of Options

Infused Gummies Bring Removed From Mold by Point Bay Cannabis 

With the ever-expanding cannabis market, there are so many options to choose from. You can find infused gummies, chocolates, caramels, rice crispy treats, brownies, gum, and even beverages. Some companies, like Lunchbox Alchemy, have even started infusing their gummies with ginseng and chamomile! 


Potent And Lasting Effects 

Facts by Point Bay Cannabis

While it’s true that smoking cannabis gives you a much quicker high, it’s also much shorter-lived. This means you have to continuously dose throughout the day if you’re using cannabis for medicinal purposes or if you’re trying to get through the workday.

Beyond time-consuming, it’s not exactly the cheapest way to go either. I know how easy it is to smoke an eighth in a day. With the lasting effects of an edible, it’s a one-and-done situation most of the time.   

However, when you eat cannabis, it gets metabolized by your liver first. This turns it into a completely different kind of THC than you get when you smoke it. This new THC, 11-OH-THC (say that slowly), is actually more potent than regular THC (Delta-9THC). That translates to a more intense and longer-lasting high. They should have called it 11-OH-MG. 


It Can Treat Pain Much Better

Grandma Bakers Fudge by Point Bay Cannabis

That longer, stronger high mentioned above means that edibles are ultimately much more effective against chronic pain. 

For example, edibles have been shown to provide significant relief to patients suffering from Crohn’s disease. In addition to the more potent, longer-lasting effects, cannabinoids go straight to your gastrointestinal tract when they take effect — and that’s where Crohn’s disease is present.

It’s true that if you need immediate pain relief, edibles have a delayed fuse and you will have to wait for the effects to kick in. 

However, if you can anticipate discomfort, such as upcoming chemotherapy, you can preemptively dose.

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