How To Keep Edibles From Going Bad

How To Keep Edibles From Going Bad

Why do edibles seem to always go bad in a year or less? 

Quality, Consistency, And Care

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The main reason for storing cannabis edibles shouldn’t be to hide them from other people. When users store cannabis properly, it enhances the flavors and keeps the edible potent. Before doing that, one should first know the factors that affect the quality of these products, which are: humidity, sun exposure, heat, and contamination.



Best Storage Materials

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There is no single method on how to safely store cannabis edibles. The method chosen will differ from one person to another. But there are certain materials that will work best when storing cannabis edibles without compromising their flavor and quality. These include airtight containers, glass jars, or freezing.

There are several steps to follow when storing cannabis properly if the products don’t have the proper cannabis edible packaging. This starts with the type of edibles. For instance, it’s not recommended to store a batch of cannabis ice cream using the same method as storing cannabis cookies. If the edible product needs to stay cold, the user must make sure that it

stays cold. If the edibles can remain at room temperature, the user doesn’t have to place them in the refrigerator. Either way, the basic storage rules are:

  • Keep the edibles in a dark place.
  • Keep the edibles away from extreme temperatures.
  • Keep the container of the edibles airtight

Different products have different shelf expectancies and freshness levels and storing them properly will help maintain that freshness and quality.

Long Term Storage

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Most stoners, myself included, tend to eat edibles too quickly to worry about long-term storage. However, if the circumstance arises where you must store your edibles long-term, follow these rules to keep your edibles fresh for as long as possible. 

Baked edibles

It’s not recommended to store baked edibles on shelves. It’s better to store them in the freezer where they will last longer and remain edible. Other tips for long-term storage include:

Edibles and sunlight

The moment the cannabis buds get separated from the branches, then used as an ingredient in edibles, they won’t do well in sunlight anymore. Light will degrade cannabis products like cannabutter, oils, distillate, and other edibles. People should store their cannabis products in an opaque container when placing them in the freezer to keep the light away.

Wrap the edibles properly

Whenever possible, people should avoid placing the edibles in sandwich baggies or wrapping them using plastic wrap. This might cause the edibles to stick to the plastic when frozen. The plastic wrap will also have an effect on the taste.

Wax or parchment paper

Instead of plastic, better alternatives for wrapping edibles are wax and parchment paper. Edibles will come off easier and these materials will preserve the taste of the edibles while making sure that they don’t stick together.

Keep the air out

Your best bet for freezing edibles long-term is by using silicone containers or glass jars. Compared to other storing methods, these containers have the advantage of letting in less moisture and air. Allowing moisture and air in will affect the potency and flavor of the edibles. This may lead to faster spoilage as moisture and air feed molds and bacteria. Also, although it’s not usually considered one, air can be a very destructive substance as it contributes to the breakdown of different substances like THC and other components. For some cannabis edibles, however, users must leave plenty of room at the top of the containers or jars.

Mason jars

When it comes to freezing liquids in mason jars, users must remember that liquids will expand. The last thing users would want is to deal with a cracked jar inside the freezer. To avoid this, users must make sure that the edibles are at room temperature before placing them in the freezer. If storing edibles in glass jars, wrap the jars in opaque bags first to prevent light exposure. When using plastic baggies (although not recommended), try squeezing out as much air as possible before placing them in the freezer. For more effective plastic bag storage, use a vacuum sealer.

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