Easing Into Edibles – Why You Should Try Edibles

Easing Into Edibles – Why You Should Try Edibles

When Properly Dosed, Edibles Are The Best Way To Start Consuming Cannabis.

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 What is a cannabis edible? Cannabis edibles simply refer to food products that are formulated with cannabis as one of the main ingredients. Whenever the term “edibles” comes up, most people generally tend to think along the lines of THC-infused edibles. 

However, if you check with reputable cannabis dealers like Point Bay Ca, you’ll discover that edibles can be formulated from various cannabis compounds, including the non-psychoactive compound CBD

If you’re concerned about smelling like cannabis because of your work environment or other factors, edibles are a way to feel more secure with your cannabis consumption. They won’t leave your clothes with an odor and can be dosed in a way that won’t leave you feeling paranoid. 


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  Another thing to love about cannabis edible gummies is that they are convenient to use. That’s because they come in predetermined doses

Now, let’s assume that you’re a first-time cannabis user. All you have to do is buy infused gummies formulated with strengths that are a divisor of 100mg, such as 100mg, 50mg, 10mg, etc. That way, you can determine the number of gummies to consume and how to stagger them to get your desired effects. Typically a first-time user won’t need much. Even a half of a 10mg gummy can get a person without a tolerance pretty baked.

That’s fairly convenient compared to consuming cannabis via smoking or vaping where all you can do is take a puff and see how it hits you. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about the possible health risks related to inhaling smoke, you can rest easy knowing that all you had to do was eat a gummy to get high.

Proper Dosage

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While it’s hard to tell someone how much they should consume to achieve their desired effect, there are some rules of thumb that can be applied to edible consumption. Your body type and tolerance are going to be the biggest factors contributing to how hard an edible will hit you. While we don’t have any exact recommendations for dosing, we suggest starting very small, waiting for at least an hour for it to kick in, and then continuing from there. Most companies will have a chart on their products that will help you cut your edible into a dose that you’re comfortable with.

How Long Does The High From An Edible Last?

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The onset time of edible gummies may be a bit longer compared to other methods of consuming cannabis. However, the duration of the effects is nearly the same regardless of the method of administration.

Edible gummies typically last between six and eight hours. As you might expect, this will also depend on certain factors, mostly the same aspects that determine the duration it takes for gummies to kick in. In addition, the dose may also determine how long you experience the effects of edible gummies. 

Edible gummies offer an easy and convenient way to integrate cannabis into your health and wellness routine. Though their effects take a bit longer to be felt, gummies are just as effective as other methods of administering cannabis.


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