Get Rich or Get High  

How To Tell If Weed is Good

Photo by Flow Kana Farms

It seems like my Canna-Colleagues in CA Cultivation are taking firm stances on either side of the indoor/sun-grown debate, creating one giant reason for us not to work together against regulations and corporate takeover. Not judging, just weighing in uninvited.

For the past 2 decades, my flower experience has gone from any ol’ brick weed I could find to being spoiled as a budtender with heavy discounts on glittery top colas. With all this competition amongst growers, I am reflecting on the question “What does make a high good?”.

Is it the strain?

The taste?

How low your eyes are?

How much do you cough?

The clout you get for it on socials?

The experience you have with your co-smokers?

These are all definitions of good my customers at the shop would give me, when explaining why they go to the same brand & same product each visit to the store. So what is it for me?

Pretty simple, I want to feel rich.

A Rich High – Photo by @lostcoastlens

There is some weed you walk away from, repeating for days “That was a rich experience.”

Hate to say this to my cultivator friends, but it doesn’t have anything to do with indoor vs sun-grown.

Hear me out and see if you agree.

How To Quantify A Rich High

The easiest way to tell if you’re going to have a rich cannabis experience is by taking the total number of cannabinoids, subtracting the THC, and seeing what’s left. On this joint from Sol Spirit Farms I’m smoking that breaks down as so:

25.37% – 21.31% = 4.06%

That means I get a 4.06% rich high, and that is a solid amount for current industry standards.

Weed Like Change and Sol Spirit Farms – Photo By @Iamelizabaked

Only focusing on THC for cannabis is like only focusing on penetration during sex. Without foreplay, it’s just not that much fun.

It’s the other cannabinoids that bring the party, and they will bring whatever party you want.

Do you know why Gelato was so much fun when it first hit? Because the CBG was off the charts in that strain, both in sun-grown and indoor. That made you feel giddy, a little hungry, and more social than usual. Who doesn’t want that?

What makes the difference?

Again simple, the Farmer-Grower-Cultivator-Hustler-Plant Wizard.

A Plant Wizard In Action At Woodnote Farms – Photo By @lostcoastlens

Whatever they call themselves, your weed will be good if growing it makes them feel alive. If they truly love growing cannabis, they will raise those plants like they are children. You will be smoking daily dedication, years of research, and trial and error. You will be smoking passion so strong that risking their freedom wasn’t enough to stop them.

All of that is what translates into a rich high, worthy of your time and money.

How Can I tell A Good High After So Much Sad Weed?

Art by Anaya Art

Explore your high. Use your senses. Cultivate some self-awareness around smoking, and you can expand your cannabis experience to enhance any aspects of life you want.

Some questions to ask yourself:

What is that strain supposed to feel like? How did it make you feel? Do you have a headache?

Does your body tingle?

Do you feel like dancing?

How creative did you get with your make-up after? Could be good or bad depending on the outcome.

Did you go to sleep on that girl’s couch at 4 pm? Probably not great date weed.

Does it feel like cocaine or a much-needed hug? You want to know the difference if you’re smoking to manage anxiety.

Stop accepting a one-for-all high. If you are smoking the right amount of the right strain at the right time, grown by the right farmer – you can truly experience the vast benefits these plants have to offer and be able to support the worthy plant wizards in the process.

PS. It’s called Sun-Grown, so put some respect on the name.

627 Summer Street, Eureka Ca, 95501


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