June’s Strain Spotlight

Strain Spotlight

Three Strains That You Should Try

Magical Alien Cookies, Purple Panty Dropper, Super Green Crack, the list goes on. Is a cool name really all you need to know about a strain or is there more to it? Does having a cool name make that particular strain better? The answer is no. In this series, we hope to highlight strains that not only have cool names but also cool effects. We also will show how those cool effects can vary from one strain to another depending on the cannabinoid composition in each respective strain. Cannabis is more than cool names. 

Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla Frosting by Woodnote Farms

Dominant Terpene: The primary terpene found in Vanilla Frosting is Myrcene which makes it great for feeling uplifted and social.

Flavor: Sweet, Vanilla, Mint, Cream.

About: Coming from Humboldt Seed Company, Vanilla Frosting is a cross of Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato Bx3. Designed to improve upon the various Gelato lines from the last few years, Vanilla Frosting takes to the sky with a vigorous growth pattern. Buds grow dense with silvery green flowers that are accented by hints of purple, and the creamy smooth aroma has notes of vanilla that end with a gassy finish. Vanilla Frosting is a high-potency strain that will blast you into outer space on a funfetti adventure.


Pistachio by Woodnote Farms

Dominant Terpenes: The primary terpenes found in Pistachio are Pinene and Limonene which makes it a great strain for focus and arousal. 

Flavor: Diesel, Nutty, Creamy, Pungent.

About: Pistachio is a strain that is just finding it’s legs in the market. A relatively new strain means that there is not a ton of information about it out yet. I personally find it uplifting and euphoric. 

This excerpt from Humboldt Seed Company, the breeders of this amazing strain, says it all:

“Unicorns do exist… at Humboldt Seed! Pistachio was the frostiest strain at our Eastern Humboldt anchor breeding facility during our 2019 phenotype mega-hunt. IT also has an impressively pungent nutty/gassy nose with pistachio ice cream undertones. Growth habits are similar to the cookies genre but with an improvement in trichome content and yield. Expect tall upright growth with strong stalks requiring less than average trellising. Pistachio is a mold-resistant strain, suited for fall season outdoor, indoor, or even light dep (as always, drop light hours gradually when transitioning into flower). You’ll go nuts when you see how amazing Pistachio comes out!

Dream Queen

Dream Queen by Dark Heart Nursery

Dominant Terpene: The primary terpene found in Dream Queen is Myrcene making it great for feeling uplifted and social.

Flavor: Mango, Mint, Pineapple, Bubblegum.

About: Dream Queen is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blue Dream with Space Queen. Dream Queen produces effects that will leave you in a euphoric, dream-like state after just a few puffs. This strain is pungent and reminiscent of pineapple, bubblegum, citrus, and menthol. Growers say this strain comes in very frosty, light green buds. This strain will have you sticking your nose back in the jar over and over again to smell its unique aroma.

Hella Jelly 

Hella Jelly by Woodnote Farms

Dominant Terpenes: The primary terpenes found in Gelato include beta-caryophyllene, D-limonene, myrcene, and linalool. 

Flavor: Fruity, Berry, Sweet.

About: Hella Jelly aka Jelly Rancher is one of the best Sativas created in the last decade – it is a cross of Notorious THC and the very fruity Very Cherry, two superb strains with incredible quality. The fantastic smell is reminiscent of a mixture of cotton candy, strawberries, and grapes. Hella Jelly is an unbelievably great cannabis variety for the real connoisseur, within a very short time the gardener gets awesome plants with these seeds without much effort! Even beginners can grow Hella Jelly very easily, it requires little fertilizer and produces brilliant scents within a very short time – suitable for indoors, outdoors and of course also for greenhouses!

Quality Still Matters

Vanilla Frosting “1/8ths” by Wknd Recreational

As always, make sure you’re sourcing whatever strain you get from a brand or cultivator with experience and integrity. Don’t be afraid to mix it up either! When you find a strain you enjoy, try mixing it with other strains to enhance your experience or pull you out from the rut that you can sometimes fall into while only smoking one strain. Happy smoking!

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