To Hell With Distro Promises

If You Can’t Deliver, Don’t Commit

by Point Bay Cannabis

As a licensed Cannabis Distributor, I have the pleasure of daily discussions with cultivators and brands that are moving mountains to get their products to the consumer. What started as an exciting way to learn about which people and businesses are involved in the industry, quickly turned into trauma processing for farmers and brands burned by the promises of Distribution companies in the legal market.

The Most Common Experience

by Point Bay Cannabis

“They held my product hostage and refused to pay me!”

“My product was returned in an unsaleable condition, I had to waste it all!”

“What my product was sold for was much less than agreed upon!”

“I had to pay for their learning curve!”

Each of these statements is backed by multiple stories of distributors mismanaging products, deliveries, payment remittances, and communication. Some folks were able to recoup their losses, but for others the impact was devastating.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough to run a distro in this market, and I definitely lose sleep stressing about how to be in 5 places at once (and then how to do the right thing when I’m stressed!). But what these discussions with clients and sleepless nights have made clear is that the lack of industry standards and helpful regulations are wreaking havoc on the businesses fighting to survive legalization. 

As A Community, What Can We Do?

by Point Bay Cannabis

We demand standards & accountability.

  1. Communication – Detailed agreements in writing, agreed upon and signed by all involved parties outlining expectations, responsibilities, worst-case scenarios. 
  2. Planning & Organization – Routine inventory updates, sales reports, remittance payments, admin support, and partners you trust.
  3. Aggressive Sales – A dedicated Team with sales experience, customer management resources, comprehensive menu capabilities & passion for your product.
  4. Reliable Distribution – Routine delivery schedules, sales-focused drivers, compliant paperwork & detailed money management.

That’s it. If we make that a standard, then we change the game. If we rely on good standards, we don’t need millions of dollars to fill in the gaps.

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