Why Ingredients Matter

An In-Depth Look At Medicated Gummy Manufacturing

Gelupectin Is Added To A Batch Of Gummies (Hooray For Vegan And Gluten-Free!) by Point Bay Cannabis 

You hear it time and time again, “We don’t drink it for the taste” is commonly said by anyone who drinks to get drunk and not for the flavor. While that is the case for some edibles on the market, it shouldn’t be. 

Ingredients matter for a variety of reasons. You need diversity in ingredients for people with certain dietary restrictions. You need consistency in ingredients for people who want to know that they’re purchasing the same product every time. Finally, you need quality ingredients sourced from trusted manufacturers and distributors to keep consistency. 

Yes, ingredients matter. 

What Ingredients Are Used In Gummy Manufacturing?

Heating The Gummy Mixture by Point Bay Cannabis 

While you likely won’t get the entire recipe from any producer of gummies, there are some fundamental ingredients for making any gummy. Typically, you would use gelatin (or pectin), citric acid, sodium citrate, water, sugar, flavor, and color to create a gummy. Gummies are produced through a process of heating, mixing, and eventually cooling. There is a scientific process known as “brixing procedure” that is used to determine the syrup to water ratio in gummies. When the proper moisture content is observed via a refractometer, it’s time to extrude your gummies into molds through a distributor.


 How Do You Keep Gummies Shelf-Stable?

Organic Sugar, Carefully Measured To The Gram, Is Added To The Gummy Mixture by Point Bay Cannabis 

It should be no surprise that it takes proper ingredients to keep a product shelf-stable. However, to do this producers have to constantly adjust variables like, water content, preservatives, and other ingredients to keep a quality product that will last on the shelf for extended periods. At the same time, it doesn’t matter if your product never goes bad if it is essentially a gummy puck that nobody wants to consume. 

The first step in making sure you have a product that people look forward to eating is having quality ingredients. Quality packaging plays a big role in keeping the gummies shelf-stable as well.


 How Do You Keep Dosing Consistent?

Precisely dosed 10mg edibles by Point Bay Cannabis 

With medicated gummies, careful and precise measurements are key! The distillate used to infuse gummies with THC is incredibly strong and it doesn’t take much to produce a batch of thousands of gummies. Very careful measurements, down to a fraction of a gram, are used to ensure that every batch of gummies is identical, except for the flavor and color. 

On top of that, every batch of gummies, or any edible for that matter, is tracked from the moment it has cannabis in it. Before any edible can be sold to the public, it must undergo a gauntlet of tests to make sure it’s not only dosed properly but also safe for human consumption.

All cannabis edibles and extracts must undergo the following quality control tests:

-Cannabinoid profiling/potency

-Pesticide testing

-Microbial screening

-Heavy metal testing

-Mycotoxin testing

-Foreign material testing

-Residual solvent testing

-Water activity*

*This depends on the type of product. Concentrates and extracts do not need to be tested for water activity.

What Does This All Mean?

In conclusion, this means that as a consumer, you can rest assured that in the modern cannabis market a product is what it says it is. Gone are the days of someone telling you “Yep, that’s strong, only eat a little!” for you to find out that it was either not strong enough or WAY TOO STRONG. We’ve likely all been there once or twice. Not only do you know the exact dosage of your edible but lots of them even come with serving recommendations based on your level of cannabis use!

It also means that if you have dietary restrictions there is a product on the market made for you. One of our favorite edible companies, Lunchbox Alchemy, makes gluten-free/vegan gummies. They’re delicious! 

Furthermore, you know that what your eating could be sold in a supermarket sans cannabis. The testing done on food products sold in the cannabis market is on par with FDA testing and therefore these products are entirely safe from a food safety standpoint.

Squibs, a product from Lunchbox Alchemy, manufactured at Point Bay Cannabis.

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